July 26-27, 2015

Hope…Every Step of the Way

Cancer isn’t a battle.  It’s a war.  A war made up of one battle after another. Sometimes those battles are won and progress is made. Sometimes battles are lost and setbacks have to be endured.  Regardless of the outcome, however, no battle is easy to endure, and when it’s a child who is fighting those battles – when it’s a child who is waging that unthinkable war – the struggle can often become just as devastating as the disease.

It’s sometimes easy to overlook the small steps – the day a young girl’s hair falls out, the time a little boy has to miss his best friend’s birthday party, a school dance that drifts by and can never be recaptured.  It’s sometimes easy to think that, in the grand scheme of things, these steps are relatively inconsequential.  Unimportant.  But sometimes, these small steps are the most difficult to endure.  Sometimes, it’s in these seemingly unimportant steps that that the fire is extinguished in a young fighter’s eyes and hope is lost.

To help make sure that doesn’t happen to any local children, the Zak!Charity Open is narrowing its focus this year and concentrating all its efforts on supporting the Rypien Foundation and its mission to help bring hope to local families who are battling childhood cancer.  The 16th annual event will get started with the Summer Celebration Dinner & Auction on Sunday, July 26th at Northern Quest Resort & Casino and continues on Monday, July 27th with the Zak!Charity Open golf tournament at Manito Golf & Country Club.

We might not be able to cure cancer.  Or prevent a child from ever getting this horrible disease again.  We might not be able to fight the war for them.  Or take away the pain that inevitably accompanies it.  But what we can do is make sure that children and their families who are waging this war are given the hope they so desperately need – not just at the beginning of the battle, but Every Step of the Way.

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