July 17-18, 2016

Hopes & Dreams

When we’re young, we’re told to dream of a world without limitations, a world where we can be anything, and do anything, we can imagine. For most children that means dreaming of becoming a superhero or a Nobel Laureate, a professional athlete or famous musician. But for children who are battling cancer, the dreams tend to be a little simpler and infinitely more profound.

These children dream of a day when they’ll have the strength to ride a bike in the park with their families, or play on the jungle gym with their friends, or walk down the hallway of their school again. They hope for a day without nausea or needles or hospitals, a day when they don’t have to be strong and fight. A day when they don’t have to be different than everyone else. These children aren’t dreaming of being rich or famous or powerful, they’re just dreaming of being regular, normal kids and they’re hoping beyond hope that they’ll get that chance before their childhood disappears forever.

The Zak!Charity Open is working hard to make sure that local children never lose sight of those critical hopes and dreams, which is why all of the proceeds from this year’s event will once again go to support the Rypien Foundation and its mission to help bring hope to local families who are battling childhood cancer. The 17th annual event will get started with the Summer Celebration Dinner & Auction on Sunday, July 17th at Northern Quest Resort & Casino and continues on Monday, July 18th with the Zak!Charity Open golf tournament at Kalispel Golf and Country Club. Throughout the entire event, there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved.

Because while most of us eventually might have to let our dreams of becoming a superhero slip away, the dream of a normal childhood and the hope of a life without cancer isn’t something any child should ever have to let go of.

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